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Restrained Elegance


Restrained Elegance

Today we have the website Restrained Elegance on display. The name of this website is certainly well chosen. Elegance is probably the most precise term, that could be used to characterize it. Allready on the entrace pages it´s noticable, that there´s some aura of quiet class allround. There´s no smashing sales-pitches and no fancy heavily graphic tours and promos. Everything is downtoned in a tastefull way.

First of all, this is a different alternative site, than the one´s usually reviewed here. Restrained Elegance isn´t at all about the punishment and painfull part of the S&M world, instead it focuses on beautefull sluts in bondage. Confinement of course is an integrated part of the Sm scene, and when done well it borders art, which is actually the case here. They have a surprisingly impressive list of featured ladies like Jasmine Sinclair, Wendy Jane, Francesca Lee and even the legendary Ashley Renee

All of the chicks are displayed in the members area in various types of posed bondage. There´s nothing more dull than a 100+ photoseries in which the only variation is the babe raising her eyebrows once in a while, but unlike too many bondage sites, all of the Chained Elegance galleries features a reasonable level of variation when it comes to the ropework, angles and style. Furthermore, there´s a good selection of different scenarios in the sets, but generally they´re either featuring a single girl tied up, or a dominant and a submissive. The content is chains, women bound up - and from time to time a restraining session with ponygirl elements or staged punishment etc. Chained Elegance takes you on a stylish and artfull adventure in creative restraints, but bear in mind this is not in any way about pain, dont be disappointed by the lack of it, go there for the joys it actually provides. Personally I´m amazed by the quality of the girls and the innovative photography, which makes the site a prime representative of this particular part of the S&M world and it makes no promises to be anything else. They claim to have quality restraints, and noone can argue that they are spot on when it comes to living up to that promise.

Seeing the contents of the members area the feeling is exactly the same as the first impression. The navigation is easily figured out, the layout is downtoned and delicious in its own discrete way. My only small objection is that the menubar is a bit too small and brunette for my eyes. The pixs are all of good quality and size, no blurry fill-ins or long lists of vidcaps. I would have liked an option to view the photos in higher resolution, but then, I have a alternative for details and the resolution is certainly better than at your average site. In addition to the photosets Confined Elegance has video clips for download, and I was thrilled to learn there´s indeed an option to watch them in full size. These fullsize videoclips takes a while to download of course, but it´s indeed worth the while, they´re are in a quality rarely seen fullsize.

Restained Elegance could be described as an oasis in the internet desert. It makes a very clear promise to deliver stunning, often reputable, models in bondage and kinky sceneries - and does exactly that. Nothing is hyped beyond what´s justified by what is actually delivered. On top of that, the members of Bound Elegance gets a daily update in form of either a young restraints gallery or a video, thus the fans have reason to return every single day, and seemingly they never miss out on an update, which is very impressive and a standard most sites must look at with envy.

Overall this is pure quality. If you´re into ties, this is a obvious must visit, whereas if torment and punishment is the only thing for you, don´t go, the site is simply not about that. However, if you are somewhere in between, Confined Elegance comes highly recommended as a steady and classy place for brilliant restraints experiences, new ideas for creative ropework or simply as a breathing space in between all the hype and going for extremes.

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