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Inxesse is on display today and the visual presentation is indeed impressive. The feeling is that of a high quality confinement magazine, which makes you want to browse through the hot pages of alternative adventures. Inxesse looks good and unparalleled at the same time, and actually that isnt just a fact for the layout but for the content as well.

The focus at Inxesse is put on chains in various forms. There classic bondage, gagged women, exotic style chains and so forth, but on top of that you will find very interesting fetisch style combinations such as PVC catsuit confinement, leather and latex, lycra chains and many more. As such the variation in a ties context is extremely high, but the site still stays focused and doesnt try to cover related areas. This is actually a good thing, there´s nothing worse than sites trying to trick custumers from related fetishes, in this case for instance tanning or painfull Sm, into purchasing a membership, when it fact it only provides a vague shadow of such content. In the case of Inxesse there is no such thing, they keep their cameras pointed at the chains niche and delivers a stark and varied product to the custumer seeking exactly that.

Looking at the actual content is a pleasure for restraints fans. The picture content is massive and updated on a daily basis with new fresh galleries, which is a way higher standard than the industry average. Exactly the same should be pointed out about the choice of women, which is one long line of celebrity confinement stars such as Chanta Rose, Babydoll, Ashley Renee, Elektra Valued, Jasmine Sinclair, Jane Whitehouse, Paige Richards and many many more. The quality and resolution of the pictures are good, however a high quality site like this could perhabs be expected to present the viewer with a higher resolution option.

Included in the membership there´s a good selection of Inxesse clips as well. In total there´s around 50 videoclip in Windows media player format and a running time of approximately 5 minutes each. On top of the included videoclips there´s a shop with full length videos for sale. There couldnt be any complaints about the quality of the footages, they´re clearcut in good resolution and corresponds with the related picture galleries.

The navigation of the site is slightly tricky at first. Actually I didnt realise I´d actually gotten to the members area after logging in, as it looks exactly like the preview area. Furthermore, by default the photographs are displayed inside a relatively small frame, which often makes scrolling necessary. There´s options to open the galleries in a young window though, thus it doesn´t represent a enormous problem, when one has gotten familiar with it.

Inxesse certainly delivers a stunning ties product to the viewer. Especially the picture section with its mere volume and variation guarantees a highly satisfactory experience for the restraints surfer. Anyone looking for beautefull women in bondage and fetisch scenarios certainly won´t walk away from Inxesse disappointed.

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  Website: Inxesse
Content: Bondage
Cost: 29,95$ (19,95)
Preview: Pictures






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