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Breast and Pussy Whipped
3.0 | Clicks: 253 | Comments: 3 | Added: 12-06-2010 | details
Screaming british fetishmodels in bondage and extreme breast whipping punishments. Blonde fetishmodel Donna Denniere in strict breast whipping and pussy spanking punishments. Painful breast spanking and pussy whipping for submissive bdsm slave Donna from England. The cute blonde screams in agony as the riding crop viciously punishes her tits and pussy. The riding crop repeatedly strikes blonde Donna directly on her tits and nipples causing her to moan and scream in pain. Brunette british slavegirl in bondage and extreme whipping punishment. The cute slavegirl Emily Sharpe is tied up spreadeagle in the dungeon and whipped between her legs and on her big tits. Screaming english female slave Emily in bondage pussy whipping and extreme spanking in the dungeon
Female Spanking
3.0 | Clicks: 144 | Comments: 0 | Added: 12-06-2010 | details
Extreme corporal punishment caning and strict over the knee spanking of two lesbian slaves. Miss Chaos and Domina Dorothea dominates and punishes their lesbian slave girls viciously with hand spankings, hairbrush punishments and cruel canings on their
Elite Pain: 14th Case and Elite Pain: Special Case
3.0 | Clicks: 139 | Comments: 0 | Added: 12-06-2010 | details
A girl is arrested. She is innocent, but her innoncence is hard to proove. The girl's sister asks the EliteClub to solve this matter. And of course, the price is her suffering again. First her tits and her pussy are tormented during a painful lie detection test. Then pussy torments continues. The arrested girl is now free. We mean, free from jail, but the sisters are heading to much more painful torments ... single tail whipping... needles in the tits. They even have to whip each others. In this Special Case we get acquainted with another Club Member; who is a colonel in her 'real life'. Furthermore we'll witness the horrible torments of two young beautiful girls who request help from the colonel. The girls need to submit themselves to the very severe discipline of the Elite Club in exchange for those favours. The last scene of this movie is a real unique double whipping scene, where the two ladies are bound together and whipped so.
Punished Whores
3.0 | Clicks: 85 | Comments: 0 | Added: 12-06-2010 | details
Two slavegirls in humiliating boot licking domination and strict punishment spanking. Emma Louise and Donna Denniere both have to clean their masters boots with their tounges whilst receing intense spankings on their sore and bare bottoms. Strict punishment spanking and whipping of two suffering british boot licking slavegirls. Punishment of blonde bdsm slavegirl Donna Denniere in pain. The british submissive is licking her masters boots whilst in extreme bare bottom spanking. Severe Spanking of crying blonde bdsm slavegirl Donna Denniere and the disobedient petplay trainee Emma Louise. Extreme Spanking movies and intense BDSM videos
Disciplinary Spanking
3.0 | Clicks: 84 | Comments: 0 | Added: 12-06-2010 | details
English fetish slavegirls humiliating examination and spanking punishment. Two disobedient british slavegirls in severe disciplinary spanking and humiliation punishments
Spanking Training Camp
3.0 | Clicks: 75 | Comments: 0 | Added: 12-06-2010 | details
Outdoor spanking training camp for two female slaves in extreme excercised torments to tears and cruel humiliating workouts with Nimue and Chaos subjected to a whole day of discipline and intense corporal punishment from dawn to dusk.
Asian Lesbian Spanking
3.0 | Clicks: 72 | Comments: 6 | Added: 12-06-2010 | details
Lesbian asian girlfriend in classic erotic spanking punishment in the bedroom. The two playful oriental cuties mess around in the bedroom until one of them decides the other one needs a thorough spanking on her bare bottom. The erotic spanking of the the delicious asian bottom is carried out with a remote control inthe bedroom. Her hair is pulled keep her in position as she is being spanked severely on her increasingly red bottom
3.0 | Clicks: 65 | Comments: 0 | Added: 12-06-2010 | details
Spanking ressources and free galleries
Painful Spanking
3.0 | Clicks: 61 | Comments: 0 | Added: 12-06-2010 | details
3 submissive girls are taken for disciplinary action on their cute bottoms. Katarina from Finland is placed against the wall with her hands tied and given a severely painful hand spanking and striping strapping. The busty blonde scandinavian screams and moans as her punishment continues. British Emma Louise is spanked and humiliated by her master. A hairbrush and the bare hand is used inflict pain on the slavegirls increasingly red and sore bottom. Darkhaired slavegirl Emily Sharpe is captured in her summerdress being lazy and put over the knee for a strict disciplinary spanking she wont forget anytime soon
Lesbian Spanker
3.0 | Clicks: 44 | Comments: 0 | Added: 12-06-2010 | details
Mistress Natasha spanking her masochistic slavegirls. Painful lesbian spanking with the strap and the cane. The fetish mistress leaves her submissive with red bottoms and severely sore after a thorough disiciplinary spanking with the strap and cane.

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The Caning Of Madison Young
| Clicks: 27 | Comments: 0 | Added: 12-06-2010 | details
Caning of Madison Youngs spanked and red striped bare bottom with the redhead submissive screaming in agony as the vicious rattan cane draw lines of pain across her exposed arse with Madison dominated by mistress Jay and her evil assistant with cruel corporal punishments of her bare bottom
Jays Punishment
1.0 | Clicks: 26 | Comments: 0 | Added: 12-06-2010 | details
Bound mature bdsm slave Jay in strict spanking discipline and corporal punishment. Her master uses the cane, the flogger and a single tail whip on her bare bottom, making the bound and collared slavegirl scream in pain. Slavegirl Jays mature bondage and extreme pussy whipping in the dirty dungeon. Mature submissive Jay has her arms and tits tied and her legs spread exposing her to the bite of the merciless whip aiming directly at her open pussy.
Bizarre Spanking
1.0 | Clicks: 21 | Comments: 0 | Added: 12-06-2010 | details
Blonde slave girl Miss Chaos looses a bet with her workmate and as a consequence she has to face a humiliating workout and fierce caning on her bare bottom. The submissive carries out her degrading tasks to the best of her ability, but of course it isnt enough, Chaos is rewarded severe corporal punishments on her increasingly red and sore butt. The crying and sobbing masochist is ordered to step up and down a plank of wood whilst carrying heavy weights. Every time she slows down the cane digs painfully into her bottom. Subsequently she placed on the floor for further humiliating punishments doing situps whilst spanked and caned on her front legs. Miss Chaos fights bravely with the challenging tasks but her workmate is merciless in his ongoing punishments. The spanking and shame for Miss Chaos becomes unbearable in the end for the cute blonde slavegirl and she starts to cry uncontrollably from the pain and humiliation. The extreme spanking and cruel humiliation videos are presented by: The Pain Files
Kinky Teen Spanking
1.0 | Clicks: 18 | Comments: 0 | Added: 12-06-2010 | details
Two nineteen year old submissives in kinky spanking and humiliation. Otk spanking and boot licking humiliation of caged slavegirl Emily Sharpe and bound carpet beating spanking of cute redhead slavegirl Lara. The cute submissive is taken out of her cage for a session of humiliation licking of her masters boots. When failing to do it properly she receives a hard spanking
Sexual Spankings
1.0 | Clicks: 16 | Comments: 0 | Added: 12-06-2010 | details
Three fetish slaves in kinky spanking and perverted sexual blowjob action. Blindfolded blonde is spanked and hardcore penetrated in the dungeon. Naughty brunette is tied, whipped and spanked in the dungeon before giving blowjob. German fetish slavegirl is tied to a table and giving a handjob whilst severely spanked
Madison Youngs Strict Spanking
| Clicks: 15 | Comments: 0 | Added: 12-06-2010 | details
Lesbian spanking and kinky bare bottom discipline of american bdsm slave and fetish model Madison - by stern hands of mistress Jay and Ben
Extreme sulky whipping torture
| Clicks: 15 | Comments: 0 | Added: 03-18-2011 | details
Hot blonde babe has to suffer in most extreme sulky and dressage whipping torture.
Shameful Spanking
1.0 | Clicks: 15 | Comments: 0 | Added: 12-06-2010 | details
Bizarre british spanking and humiliation of kinky slavegirls Emma and Nimue with leather belts and a painful riding crops on bare asses. The chubby english submissive Emma is given a rough spanking and humiliated spitefully by her stern master. Emma crawls on the dungeon floor screaming in pain as the leather belt leaves deep red welts on her deserving slavegirl bottom. The bizarre punishment continues with facial humiliation and spanking of her tounge and legs, before the master returns to spank her already red and sore ass again. British slavegirl Nimue spanked to tears. The dark submissives bottom and tits thoroughly spanked and whipped for her disobedience to her BDSM master. Painful spanking and whipping of the dark english bdsm slavegirl in pain and tears
Amateur Spanking
| Clicks: 11 | Comments: 3 | Added: 12-06-2010 | details
Free Spanking Ressources
Sarah Shevon humiliated
| Clicks: 11 | Comments: 0 | Added: 09-05-2012 | details
Sarah Shevon gets bound and humiliated in public group sex getting fucked brutally in deepthroat