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Rope Affairs
3.0 | Clicks: 55 | Comments: 0 | Added: 12-06-2010 | details
Domination of a blonde bdsm slavegirl in bondage and gags outdoor in the barn
Crystel Lei Punished - The Pony girl
3.0 | Clicks: 90 | Comments: 0 | Added: 12-06-2010 | details
Breast caning and extreme tit punishments of gagged blonde bdsm slavegirl Crystel Lei. The welsh painslave is bound to a chair, has plastic straps exposing her tied tits and her breast are tormented with hard strokes from the painful cane. Crystel screams from behind her gag as the cane hits her tits. Crystel Lei Punished Crystel Leis rough domination and extreme nipple punishment in the dirty old stables. The kinky submissive has a head harness attached to clamps stretching her tormented nipples painfully
Ebony BDSM
3.0 | Clicks: 94 | Comments: 0 | Added: 12-06-2010 | details
Ebony bdsm slavegirl Shante in pussy pain and bondage domination. The black submissive is tied, tit tormented and clamped on her pussy lips in the lounge.
Bondage Barn
3.0 | Clicks: 74 | Comments: 0 | Added: 12-06-2010 | details
Brunette british slavegirl Pixie in restrained bondage in the old barn. Her full body and exposed pussy is hotwaxed painfully. Tit torments and pussy pegging, suspension bondage and extreme hotwaxing torment of bdsm slavegirl Pixie.
Ponygirl in Pain
3.0 | Clicks: 62 | Comments: 0 | Added: 12-06-2010 | details
Kinky fetish ponygirl in extreme bondage restraints and bdsm tit torments. The ponygirl is gagged and has her tits clamped.
Tracys Tit Torments
3.0 | Clicks: 77 | Comments: 3 | Added: 12-06-2010 | details
Kinky sado maso female slave Tracy in breast bondage and tit torments with clamps on her nipples and hotwax on her big tits. Tracy is new to the world of BD/SM but eager to learn about the pleasures of pain and being trained as a real lifestyle slave girl. Tracys big tits are tied up for punishments. Her nipples and tits are painfully pegge. Her master pours candle hot wax all over her big tits and nipples making the slavegirl squirm in pain. Follow Tracy in her adventures to train as a devoted slave of her master. She endures strict bondage, tit torments and a variety of other cruel and sexual punishments on her delicious body - as well as psychological obedience slavegirl training

3.0 | Clicks: 1 | Comments: 0 | Added: 12-06-2010 | details
Emily in Bondage
3.0 | Clicks: 65 | Comments: 0 | Added: 12-06-2010 | details
Slavegirl Emily in Bondage and Painful BDSM punishments. The cute brunette submissive tied up in the old barn and the dungeon. Emily is tied and pussy pegged in the barn. The lovely slavegirl endures strict breast bondage and a severe whipping in the dungeon.
Tied Up Sweethearts
3.0 | Clicks: 68 | Comments: 0 | Added: 12-06-2010 | details
British slavegirls Donna and Emily Sharpe in glamour bondage and domination in the barn. The cute english submissives are securely tied to the beams above and Donna has her mouth spread open by a ring gag. Donna is tied up on a beam with her legs spread and hanging helplessly in the old dusty barn. The delicious
Canadian Slavegirl
3.0 | Clicks: 78 | Comments: 5 | Added: 12-06-2010 | details
New canadian bdsm slavegirl Lyarahs breast whipping and kinky nipple punishments. The canadian fetish slave is taken to the dungeon, shivering with excitement of the new challenging experience to come. Her top is stripped off and her tits whipped. Metal clamps applied to her nipples and pegs attached to her pussy lips.

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Busty Slavegirls Torments
| Clicks: 8 | Comments: 0 | Added: 12-06-2010 | details
The clover clamped british submissive with her master on a sofa in the dungeon. The biting metal clamps on her nipples makes Ginas moan and plead with her sadistic tormented to no avail. The longhaired kinky sadomasochist is pulled around in the sofa by the chain attached to the metal clamps on her nipples. Its a lesson in pure pleasure and for british slave girl Gina
Kumimonsters Bondage
| Clicks: 16 | Comments: 4 | Added: 12-06-2010 | details
Oriental fetish slave and pornstar KumiMonster in japanese suspension and artistic flying bondage domination sessions-The Bald Asian Beauty Dances in The Ropes.
Amateur Slavegirl Persephone
| Clicks: 26 | Comments: 4 | Added: 12-06-2010 | details
Redheaded amateur bdsm slavegirl Persephone in bondage and metal clamped tit torments. The british submissive visible enjoys the pleasure and pain of a kinky sadomasochistic session.
Suspension Bondage
| Clicks: 10 | Comments: 0 | Added: 12-06-2010 | details
Kumimonster in hanging ropeworks
Classic Bondage
| Clicks: 8 | Comments: 0 | Added: 12-06-2010 | details
Slavegirl Pixie introduced to classic bondage techniques in the old barn. She is tied up in artistic ropework and suspended from a beam above. The lovely submissive endures a fullbody hotwaxing whilst helplessly tied up.
Bondage Babes
| Clicks: 7 | Comments: 0 | Added: 12-06-2010 | details
Blonde Fetish Supermodel Cherry and Dark Beauty Natasha Tied up
Japanese Ropeworks
| Clicks: 5 | Comments: 0 | Added: 12-06-2010 | details
The Ancient Art of Japanese Bondage and Domination
BDSM Outdoor
| Clicks: 22 | Comments: 0 | Added: 12-06-2010 | details
Kinky BDSM performed outdoors adds a hole new level of excitement to the pleasure and pain of S&M. We present you with Crystel Lei and Miss Chaos outside in the dodgy danish weather during BDSM play.

| Clicks: 0 | Comments: 0 | Added: 12-06-2010 | details
Outdoor Bondage
| Clicks: 16 | Comments: 0 | Added: 12-06-2010 | details
Bondage and Pain Outdoors in Scandinavia